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Donald Trump’s ‘very successful garage’

Donald Trump owns the garage at the Trump Plaza

The Donald’s “very successful garage” on East 61st Street

The New York Times reports that Donald Trump may have his name plastered all over New York real estate but he’s not a “yuge” owner of it.  The real owners, for reasons best known to themselves, pay license fees to use the Donald’s name.

One of the few properties Trump does own is the parking under Trump Plaza on East 61st Street.

“It’s a very successful garage,” Trump informed The Times.

As I took this photo, the doorman across 61st Street warned, “He going to charge you for that.”

“Don’t rat on me” was my response.




Bigfoot on Park

Bobo the bigfoot hunter and author Froma Harrop on Park Avenue

Bobo from “Finding Bigfoot” and author Froma Harrop on Park Avenue.


More than a year ago I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Bobo Fay, the Sasquatch hunter on Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot.  Bobo is the most bigfoot-like member of the cast. A 6 feet, 7 inch hulk with voice that could wake the Amazon, Bobo stands in for the ape-like being in the pseudo-documentary’s reenactments of Sasquatch activity.

Over two Bloody Marys at the Fitzpatrick Hotel’s bar, I tried to get Bobo to come clean on his belief in the hominid said to inhabit the forests of the Pacific Northwest. He would not crack.

Q.  Bigfoot, isn’t he supposed to be somewhere in Washington state?

A. It’s not “he,” it’s “they.”  (Bobo gets impatient on this point.) There are a lot of them there.

Q.  Manhattan?

A.  No, not in Manhattan. But there are woods outside the city.


There you have it.  Try squatchin’ on the Palisades.

For the record, Bobo really likes the Upper East Side for his usual folkloric reasons.  He loves old structures and deep-rooted cultures, be they in Polynesia or 10022.

A Park Avenue doorman had no idea who Bobo was but was unfazed by the giant with hairy toes and long toenails crossing the marble floors.  As for Bobo, he seemed right at home.