Post primary, proud to be an Upper East Sider


Upper East Side, Land of Sensible Politics


Well, good for us.  The Silk Stocking district has shown its customary class.

Special kudos go to the Republicans, who gave the accomplished and moderate John Kasich his biggest boost in New York City.  They may be responsible for his second-place showing in the New York Republican primary — and for keeping the Kasich campaign alive. (It seems Donald Trump’s “very successful garage on E. 61st” failed to adequately impress.)

Democrats came out heavily for Hillary Clinton, the candidate with the most experience and political chops to be president. This is apparently the second most pro-Hillary neighborhood in the country.

Manhattan as a whole did itself proud in giving Clinton 66.3 percent of the Democratic vote . It gave Kasich 45.2 percent of the Republican, edging out Trump’s 41.8 percent. (Ted Cruz got 13 percent.)





Corruption Probe hits Upper East Side Precinct

Most who’ve attended the 19th precinct community meetings are shocked and dismayed to learn that Deputy Inspector James Grant has been snared in the NYPD’s ongoing corruption probe. Stripped of his gun and badges, Grant has been placed on modified duty elsewhere.

The personable Grant regularly met with Upper East Siders at the precinct’s E. 67th Street headquarters, delivering the local crime report and patiently answering questions.

The Daily News reports that Grant allegedly took hundreds of dollars form Jeremy Reichberg, a Borough Park business figure, and accepted diamonds from a jeweler in return for security services.  Grant, through his lawyer, denies the allegations.

We are following the story.



Latest in fight against Sutton Place megatower

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The news was — how shall we put it?  — modestly optimistic. Every table at Morso Restaurant was taken this morning as the East River Fifties Alliance (ERFA) updated neighbors on the fight to stop a 90-story(!) tower planned for the middle of East 58th Street, between First Avenue and Sutton Place.

The good news is that at ERFA’s prompting, the city might consider a height limit in a residential area that has currently has none.  Midtown East was last zoned in 1961. ERFA’s proposed zoning plan is being read.

The not-so-good news is that the city doesn’t seem to think that 60 stories is too high.

ERFA president, Alan Kersh, provided some context, noting that urban planners deem the ideal height limit for this neighborhood at 15 to 18 stories. That would be R10A zoning.


The city is starting to acknowledge that a megatower may not be appropriate in a purely residential neighborhood.

The semi-good news is that the builder, Bauhouse Group, has filed for bankruptcy.  The danger isn’t gone, but as long as there’s a bankruptcy proceeding, the property can’t be auctioned to another developer.

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