The beautiful people of LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia loves you


LaGuardia Airport has been called many not-nice things, among them “a Third World Country” (former VP Joe Biden).  But East Siders know LaGuardia as a quick ride, especially at pre-dawn hours.  And this time of year, flights to Florida leave with subway frequency.

We cannot ignore the shabbiness of the place, but out of the dingy gloom shine some of the most fabulous people on earth.  My story:

I’m flying out early on a Tuesday and upon approaching the JetBlue gate, I note that my iPad is not with me.  OMG!

I run back to the security area to see whether I had left my iPad in one of  the plastic bins.  Several TSA people immediately rummage through all the bins in search of the iPad.  Not there.  I’m ready to give up, but their supervisor won’t let me.

John Link spent a good 15 minutes going through the video at the station to see my actions. He eventually found me (good thing I was wearing pink that day).  We could see me taking the iPad out of the bin and carrying it to the gates.  It was clearly not lost at security.  Link suggested I go back to every place I stopped on the way to the JetBlue gate. And he wanted me to come back and tell him if I found the iPad.

I went down the corridor to a grungy Southwest Airlines gate where I had temporarily taken a seat.  The women behind the counter said no one had turned in an iPad but urged me to check the airline website’s lost-and-found section.

They also told me to check with Pedro, pointing to a distant figure in blue.  On my way to Pedro, I stopped to ask a uniformed woman whether anyone had turned in an iPad.  Her face sparked and she said, yes, talk to Pedro.

I talked to Pedro and he had the iPad.  It was found at the Dunkin’ Donuts counter where I had stopped to pick up a coffee.  The finder was a young boy (still in line with his family) who had turned the iPad over to the authorities.

I told the boy that he was my hero.  I thanked Pedro.  And I went back to security to tell Link that the iPad was found and also to get his name so that I could tell the folks at TSA what a superb help he was. He handed me a card with all the info I needed.

You know, we who beef and moan about the sad condition of LaGuardia should really think more of the good people who work there all day, every day.  The masses rushing through barely notice these workers — people who do difficult jobs with little recognition and never enough gratitude.




Would Trump fire Dr. Bornstein? Would Dr. Bornstein care?

Dr. Harold Bornstein, Donald Trump's doctor


One thing we love about Upper East Siders is that they have lives.  Thus, they tend not to be in awe of famous people and their amour-propre.  One sterling example would Dr. Harold N. Bornstein, personal doctor (as of this writing) to the world’s most conspicuous personality, Donald J. Trump.

Bornstein is in today’s NYT taking about Trump’s use of a hair-growth drug and also airing his complaints about Trump’s inaugural ball.  Bornstein said he and his wife left early because there were no tables and chairs.

The eccentric Park Avenue doctor told The Times that he too uses Finasteride (marketed as Procepia) to treat male-pattern baldness.  Quoth Bornstein:

He has all his hair.  I have all my hair. 

We don’t know whether Bornstein is going to survive this news cycle as presidential doctor, having described Trump as just another aging male, but we admire him for it.

And if Trump should fire Bornstein, we wager that Bornstein could not care less.